Link to EthnologueEthnologue Language Code: wol

Language name: Wolof  


Population:  3,930,000 in Senegal (2006). Population total all countries: 3,976,500

Region:  West and central, Senegal river left bank to Cape Vert. Also in France, Gambia,Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania.

Other names:  Ouolof, Volof, Walaf, Waro-Waro, Yallof.

Dialects: Baol, Cayor, Dyolof (Djolof, Jolof), Jander, Lebou (Lebu). Different from Wolof of Gambia [wof].

Literacy and Literature Resources

Literacy and Literature ResourcesClick here for available Wolof literacy and literature resources.



Arts and Culture Resources

Arts and Culture ResourcesClick here for available Wolof arts and culture resources, including ethnomusicology documents.



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Linguistic ResourcesClick here for available Wolof linguistic resources (orthography, grammar etc.).



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