Seereer (Serer-Sine)

Link to EthnologueEthnologue Language Code: srr

Language name: Serer-sine


Population: 1,130,000 in Senegal(2006). Population total all countries: 1,161,900.

Region: West central; Sine and Saloum river valleys. Also in Gambia.

Other names: Seereer, Seex, Sereer, Serer, Sérère-Sine, Serer-Sin, Serrer, Sine-Saloum, Sine-Sine.

Dialects: Dyegueme (Gyegem), Fadyut-Palmerin, Niominka, Segum, Sine. Niominka and Serere-Sine dialects are mutually inherently intelligible.

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