Link to EthnologueEthnologue Language Code: sav

Language name: Saafi-Saafi


Population:  200,000 (2012), increasing.

Region:  Triangle southwest of and near Thiès, between Diamniadio, Popenguine, and Thiès. 60 villages: 43 are over 80% Saafi, 8 are under 50%.

Other names:  Saafi, Safen, Safi, Safi-Safi, Sereer Saafen, Serere-Saafen, Serer-Safen.

Dialects: Boukhou, Diobass, Hasab, Sebikotane, Sindia. Dialects named after villages and a zone (Diobass). Lexical similarity: 74% with Noon [snf], Lehar [cae], and Palor [fap]; 68% with Ndut [ndv]; 22% with Serer-Sine [srr].

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