SPKL (Senegal Portable Keyboard Layout) for Windows

SPKLSPKL is a keyboarding program for Windows designed to simplify the typing of special characters that are needed for Senegalese languages but are not found on a standard computer keyboard.  


Special characters are letters representing specific sounds used in local languages, and they often include accent marks (diacritics). Here are some examples: 

   Examples of special characters

The free SPKL installer package includes the program, instructions and complete set of fonts needed for typing any Senegalese language. 

DownloadDownload SPKL 7.3.20 installer package (10.1MB) 

SPKL will automatically detect the keyboard layout being used.  It includes support for the following keyboards:

BrazilBR-qwerty  SwitzerlandCH-qwertz  GermanyDE-qwertz  SpainES-qwerty  

France FR-azerty  PortugalPT-qwerty  SwedanSW-qwerty  UKUK-qwerty

USAUS-qwerty  ColemakCMK-qwfpgj


SPKL includes helpful information on how to type special characters, but in case you need more help, please visit the SPKL FAQ page.