SIL Senegal - Partner in Language Development

Bandial AlphabetisationSIL Senegal is one of 40 SIL affiliates in the world. Under a protocol signed in 1984 followed by an order of approval granted in October 1996, SIL-Senegal is currently working on more than 16 locally-used Senegalese languages.

Members of SIL in Senegal come from many countries including Senegal, Germany, Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The expertise of SIL Senegal in the service of others... 

Applied linguistics is at the base of SIL's work, whose researchers are collaborating with members of linguistic communities to collect and analyze language and cultural data. SIL encourages, among other things, the publication of papers in linguistics, ethnology and ethnomusicology. Most of these works are available to interested persons, a number being already on the web (

SIL staff develops training materials and post-literacy and training courses for instructors and supervisors. We support the efforts of communities to develop literacy programs that teach adults and children to read and write fluently in their language and improve their proficiency in a language of wider communication. 

Skills Development
The staff of SIL has a technical advisory role with communities to give linguistic workshops and train language teachers. They also participate in the establishment of partnerships with other organizations to create the local infrastructure needed to maintain programs for language development.

Some Courses Offered

  • Introduction to linguistics (basic concepts in phonetics, phonology and morphology) 
  • Training for literacy monitors and supervisors 
  • Writing workshops in local languages
  • Translation principles