Reading Materials

Developing the literacy potential requires more than basic learning of the writing system.  Our wish is to help bring learners to the point where they apply these skills in a variety of contexts. Within these language communities SIL helps to create a range of reading materials (booklets, leaflets, posters...) at different levels and for different interest groups.

Click on the active links below to view or download reading resources in the specific language. 

• Bandial  • Kwatay • Noon • Seereer (Sine)
• Gusilay • Laalaa (Lehar) • Oniyan (Bassari) • Sooninke
• Joola (fooñi) • Manjaaku • Palor • Wamey
• Kaasa • Mankaañ • Pulaar • Wolof
• Karon • Ndút • Saafi-saafi