Learning to Read and Write

SIL works with local communities, government and non-government agencies, and national institutions to establish mother tongue-based literacy and multilingual education programmes for children, youth and adults who speak non-dominant languages. These materials and programs help learners to gain fluency and confidence in using their own and additional languages-- especially the dominant national language.

Most of the materials created so far have been for non-formal literacy programmes in over 16 of the languages spoken in Senegal. Some are for beginners (BASIC literacy). Other materials are for people literate in French (and sometimes English) who want to apply these skills to the reading and writing of their mother tongue. (TRANSITION literacy) These core materials are supplemented by reading materials which are described under 'Other Printed Materials.'

SIL recommends that training is given through SIL before using the BASIC materials.

Click on the active links below to view or download learning resources in the specific language.

• Bandial  • Kwatay • Noon • Seereer (Sine)
• Gusilay • Laalaa (Lehar) • Oniyan (Bassari) • Sooninke
• Joola (fooñi) • Manjaaku • Palor • Wamey
• Kaasa • Mankaañ • Pulaar • Wolof
• Karon • Ndút • Saafi-saafi