Languages in which we are working:

LiteracySIL Senegal is currently working in more than 16 regional languages.  Click on the language names below to find out more information and download available resources. For a complete listing of languages used in Senegal, see the SIL Ethnologue.



NOTE: We will be adding many language resources over the coming weeks and months, so please check back frequently to see what is available.

• Bandial*   Kwatay* Noon Seereer (Sine)
Gusilay* Laalaa (Lehar)* Oniyan (Bassari)* Sooninke*
• Joola (fooñi)* Manjaaku* Palor Wamey*
• Kaasa Mankaañ* Pulaar Wolof
• Karon* Ndút Saafi-saafi*  

*Resources available in this language.

Click here for a map of all the languages of Senegal.