Joola fooñi (Jola Fonyi)

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Ethnologue Language Code: dyo

Language name: Joola fooñi


Population:  340,000 in Senegal. Less than 10% are monolingual. 242,950 Fonyi, 96,660 Buluf. Population total all countries: 413,490.

Region:  Casamance River south, strip just north of Senegal-Gambia border north, west by Diouloulou-Marigot tributary, east by Soungrougrou River, Bignona area; east and southeast of Ziguinchor. Also in Gambia, Guinea-Bissau.

Other names:  Diola-Fogny, Dyola, Jola-Fogny, Jóola-Fóoñi, Kujamataak, Kújoolaak kati Fóoñi, Yola.

Dialects: Buluf, Fonyi, Kombo, Kalounaye, Narang. Gusilay [gsl], Kuwaataay [cwt], Karon [krx], Mlomp [mlo], Kerak [hhr], Ejamat [eja], and Bayot [bda] are more distantly related to Fonyi, but they are close geographically. Jola-Fonyi is the largest and most widely understood Jola variety. Lexical similarity: 68% with Jola-Kasa [csk].

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