Doulos SIL SEB

Doulos SIL SEB is a serif font optimised for display on screens.  It is noticeably clearer than Charis SIL at low font sizes (e.g. 8-12 pt).

The SIL Senegal version of the font differs from standard Doulos SIL by including a right-hook implosive 'p'.

downloadDownload Doulos SIL SEB (1.79MB) here.

Currently, no true italic or bold forms are defined inside the font, though many programs (MS Office, LibreOffice, etc.) will generate approximated bold and italic forms. Professional quality DTP programs (e.g. Scribus) and some commercial printers will only display bold and italic forms where the exact definitions are contained within the font itself. 

For more information on the standard version of this font, visit the Doulos SIL home page.

Doulos SIL SEB character list:

Doulos SIL SEB table