Bandial (banjal)

Link to EthnologueEthnologue Language Code: bqj

Language name: Bandial


Population:  11,200 in Senegal (2006), increasing.

Region:   Between Casamance River north, the Kamobeul Bolôn west, Ziguinchor-Oussouye road south, and Brin-Nyassia road east, Affiniam, Badiate-Grand, Bandial, Brin, Enampor, Essil, Etama, Kamobeul, and Seleky villages; Affiniam village north of Casamance River. 

Other names:  banjaal, eegima, eegimaa

Dialects: Affiniam, Bandial, Elun (Hulon, Kuluunaay, Kujireray). Lexical similarity: 74% between Bandial and Affiniam dialects, 76% between Bandial and Elun.

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