Andika SEB

Andika SEB is a sans-serif font designed for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers.  The SIL Senegal version of the font differs from standard Andika by including an open '4', a barred '7' and a right-hook implosive 'p'.

downloadDownload Andika SEB (1.37MB) here.

Currently there are no true italic or bold forms defined inside the font, though many programs (MS Office, LibreOffice, etc...) will generate approximated bold and italic forms. Professional-quality DTP programs (e.g. Scribus)and some commercial printers will only display bold and italic forms where the exact definitions are contained within the font. Work is in progress to provide these for Andika, but no delivery date has yet been confirmed.

For more information on the standard version of this font, visit the Andika home page.

Andika SEB character list:

AndikaSEB example